Tired of paying the price for milk at the store? Looking for something much more healthy (and easier to digest!) than cow's milk?
Or maybe you're looking for a great family companion? Look no further!

Red Lotus is home to a very small herd of Nigerian Dwarfs situated in lovely Tonopah, Arizona. 
My name is Alyssa and together with my husband, we strive for quality conformation, great personalities, and milking ability in these great little goats.
Have a look around and send an
e-mail if something tickles your fancy!

CAE negative 12-10-10
The whole herd has always been CAE negative :)

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Show Schedule:
All shows are tentative.
Delivery can be made to any of the shows below without gas fees since we would be attending them.

None - We're taking a break for a while :)

Anything for sale at the moment?:
  Nothin' at the moment.

Are you new to goats?
I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have! I would also like to recommend the following website for its wealth of goat-related information:
Fias Co Farm

Update: 12/03/16:
The For Sale page has been updated.  We no longer have any does available at the moment.

Red Lotus Nigerian Dwarfs now offers a Mailing List. Just send us an email stating that you wish to be on the Mailing List and we will add you. You will receive periodic emails about what we have available, if we plan to have anything available in the near future, and planned kidding seasons. Don't worry though, we won't spam your inbox constantly! You can also be removed from the Mailing List at any time with a simple request.

Click here to send us a request to be on the Mailing List!

*The mailing list is no longer active